We 2 create the v2.0 of your brand using innovative design, highly targeted digital media marketing, engaging social media content, and much more. This gives your brand its unique voice and creates a strong identity, allowing you to stand out from the crowd!  
As you would already know, getting your brand noticed by desired clients is a hard job that takes time, effort, and a set of many different skills. This can become stressful to handle on top of the everyday running your business. However, it is an important aspect if you want to grow and continue to stay relevant in today's market.
With the v2 team being world travellers and living the digital nomad lifestyle, we have a passion to help businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry. We are constantly seeing businesses and properties with amazing potential that just aren't reaching their audience or standing out from their competitors.

V2 come  with a combined set of skills ready to help boost your business to its higher potential! We offer quality and personalised services tailored to your specific needs. 

Get To Know Us Better
Branding is about so much more than what people see. Your brand should evoke emotion in your customers. Studies have shown people are more likely to follow through purchasing goods or services from a brand that triggers an emotion-driven response.

V2 will help you in discovering the true essence of your brand to ensure you're reaching and connecting with all the right people.

An optimised brand is your most powerful tool. Let us help you sharpen your tool!
Good design that reflects the essence of your brand and gives the best user experience can truly transform your business.

In a world that is so fast-paced, you only have seconds to engage your viewer before losing them in the endless sea of content.

V2 will identify how your design and user experience on websites and social media can be improved, and use this to reinvigorate your business. 
Online marketing is the driving force behind selling your services and products. These days, this is true for any business.

Online marketing can be a confusing and time consuming operation on top of the everyday running of your business.

Let V2 set you up for success by analysing and optimising your online marketing channels. 
v2 Starter Kit
Kick start v2.0 of your business
Personal consultations 
Continued support
Undeniable value

Starter Kit Inclusions

✓Branding consultation with basic suggestions report
✓ Social media consultation
✓ Instagram re-vamp (on-brand design and content)
✓ 1 month of content for Instagram with feed design
✓ Basic digital marketing services
✓ Review channel enhancement 
✓ 2x targeted blog posts for your website
✓ 3x digital flyer/poster designs

Additional v2 Services

  • Website revamp
  • Rebranding (logo, colour scheme, brand identity)
  • Visual content
  • Extended services for social media
  • Sponsored social media advertising
  • Extended review management
  • Extended digital marketing
  • Site-specific activity curation
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