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8 Steps to Layering Images in Canva

Published on
4 October 2020

Layering Images in Canva

Hi, creative fam!
This weeks tutorial is super simple and will show you some fundamentals in Canva that will then allow you to be able to use these techniques in many different ways for many things!

Go through this tutorial then get creating with your own unique design using your new skills. Don't forget to tag @thebrodiejackson and #brodiesweeklychallenge on Instagram so I can share your weekly challenge entries!

Jump Straight to the Challenge!


Step 1 - Set your background colour

Set your background colour. For this, I am using #171C1B.

To change the background go to ‘Bkground’ on the side left panel.

Click on the easel in the top left corner of the background tab.

Click ‘new colour’ and paste in this hex code #171C1B, or select your desired colour

Step 2 - Select a polaroid element

Go to 'Elements' on the left side pannel and type in 'polaroid' into the search bar. A lot of options will show. If you don't have Canva pro you can click the filters button shown in the search bar and select 'free'. this way it will only display those that are available to free users.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use the polaroid frame which is available to all Canva users

Step 3 - Select the image 

If you're a pro user, type 'young model beach' into the photo search bar and you will find this image. If you're a free user, you can save the image from below.

Step 4 - Positioning your image

Drag and drop the image into the polaroid frame. Then resize and position the image by double clicking. Make the image a little bigger and move it to as far left as you can.

Step 5 - lock the image 

Select the polaroid frame by clicking on it then go to the top right hand menu and 'lock' this element in place.

Step 6 - copy your image and remove the background 

select the image from the photos again and remove the background.

Pro Users: Select the image by clicking on it. Go to ‘effects’ on the top panel and then select the ‘Background Remover’ effect. It will automatically remove the background.

Free Canva: Go to remove.bg. Upload the image and remove the background. Then upload the image into your Canva library

Step 7 - Resize and crop and position

Resize the image by dragging from the corners so it is the same or very similar size to the picture in the polaroid. Then crop it by dragging from the right side so it crops out the woman and only leaves the dress.

This will mean any small discrepancy in the sizing or positioning isn't noticeable if you didn't get it perfect.

Step 8 - Add some text 

Add some text to your polaroid by selecting 'text' from the left pannel. Choose your desired font and position it on the bottom of the plaroid.

And you are done! It's really that simple!

Your Challenge:

Now that you know how to achieve this look, let your creativity run wild!

Your task now is to create an original design using this new method you have learnt.

Be sure to tag @thebrodiejackson on Instagram so I can share your creations! By doing so you will also be receiving entries into my giveaway.

And keep an eye out for updates! I will be having these types of tutorials weekly and there may even be some prizes up for grabs.

Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial in the comments. And if y

ou have any questions or comments about this tutorial, Canva, or anything else, drop them below! 

If you would like to give Canva Pro a go (which I highly recommend!). You can do so through my link by clicking here!

Thanks, creative fam!

See you for next week's tutorial.


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