Even when there is a spoken language barrier, the kindness of ones eyes and smile does the talking. I met these three beautiful women in a small village in North India. Although we didn't understand each other's language we were still able to communicate and they opened their hearts and home. 
indian woman 01
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greens of the forest 01
They say that green is the colour of life, and how could it not be? All the greens you could possibly dream can be found in the forest. 

forest feet
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old delhi life
Come and see a snapshot into life in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi. A series of candid and real shots from a photo walk through this chaotic, street photographer's haven. 
watch man old delhi
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There is nothing quite like the magic of a sunrise and sunset. That time of day when the sky becomes Mother Nature's canvas. A series of sunrises and sunsets from different countries I have visited. 
sunset dog
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