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Focus Effect Using Canva

Published on
18 October 2020

Focus Effect Using Canva 

Hi, creative fam!
This weeks tutorial is fun and simple! I will show you some more fundamentals in Canva that will then allow you to be able to use these techniques in many different ways for many things!

Go through this tutorial then get creating with your own unique design using your new skills. Don't forget to tag @thebrodiejackson and #brodiesweeklychallenge on Instagram so I can share your weekly challenge entries!

Jump Straight to the Challenge!


Step 1 - Select a nice Landscape or Cityscape Image

Either upload your own personal image or select one of many from the Canva photo library. I am using my own personal image.
If you're using Canva's photo library, try using keywords such as landscape, beach, sunset, cityscape, mountains etc.

Step 2 - Select your magnifying glass image

Search for 'magnifying glass' in the Canva photo library. There are plenty of both free and pro options. Select an image where the hand is showing and the background can be easily removed.

The image I selected is available to free users.

Step 3 - Remove background

Pro Users: Select the image then go to 'effects' on the top panel and select the 'background remover'.

Free Users: Go to remove.bg to remove the background and then upload it to your Canva library.

Step 4 - Replace magnifying glass with frame

Go to ' elements' on the left side panel and scroll down to 'frames'. Select the circular frame.

Resize the frame to it fits the size of the magnifying glass as pictured below.

Step 5 - Group and position

Group the image and the frame by selecting the image then holding SHIFT while clicking on the frame.

Once both are selected, click 'group' on the top right panes, right-click and select 'group' from the menu, or use the shortcut CRTL+G.

Step 6 - Blur the background image

Blur the background image by selecting it and going to 'Adjust' on the top left panel. increase the blur to your desired amount.

Step 7 - Add your image to the frame

Select your background image once again from your library and drag it into the frame.

Double click on the image to resize it once its in the frame.

Here's the final result! 

Your Challenge:

Now that you know how to achieve this look, let your creativity run wild!

Your task now is to create an original design using this new method you have learnt.

Be sure to tag @thebrodiejackson on Instagram so I can share your creations!

Here another fun design suggestion of what you could do using this effect! 


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