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I remember the feeling clear as day. I was about a year out from graduating University, all interest in my degree was lost and I was simply getting through my remaining classes in order to obtain that very expensive piece of paper (I'm not the only one who felt like this, right?!).

I was no clearer on a career path than I was at the beginning of my studies and the thought of settling into a 9-5 job in a field I wasn't passionate about made me panic! You know those "what the hell am I doing with my life?!" moments? Well yeah, they had become a regular visitor in my thoughts. However, there was one thing I was passionate about and had always dreamed of doing! 

So I made the decision to follow my heart and my impulses, I worked full time and saved all the money I could while finishing my degree. A few days after graduating I set off with a one way ticket to Malaysia where my journey began. From this journey I learned so much about the world, about myself and my passions and my direction became much more clear. And so, Wandering Impulse was born!

Wandering Impulse is a place for me to share with you stories and knowledge gained from my adventures, my love for photography and capturing the world's beauty, and my growing passion for design and helping other's make their brand visions and business goals a reality!
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